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There is a 16% decrease in retention rates for employees who aren’t comfortable giving upward feedback.

As a result, companies experience higher turnover costs, decreased employee engagement and productivity, as well hindered organizational growth and innovation – all outcomes that could easily be prevented by intentional talent acquisition strategies.
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Jermaine Williamson is a renowned expert in recruiting and talent acquisition. With nearly 30 years of experience, Jermaine specializes in optimizing hiring processes and sourcing strategies for hard-to-fill positions across various industries. As the author of the groundbreaking book, Talent War: The Unintended Consequences of a Broken Hiring Process, Jermaine offers valuable insights into the highly competitive job market and effective recruitment methods.

His vast knowledge extends to Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, Human Capital Retention, Attrition Management, Employee Relations, and Compensation Analysis. With a strong background in leadership roles, Jermaine has delivered exceptional recruiting services across private and public sectors, spanning Commercial, Government Contracting, IT, R&D, Scientific, Financial Services, Engineering, Business Development, Cyber Security, and Intelligence fields.

Adept at creating and implementing innovative recruitment processes, such as “War Room” and capture/proposal techniques, Jermaine has streamlined HR and Talent Acquisition operations for multiple companies and organizations. 

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Keynote: The Power of Why

In “The Power of Why: The Power to Motivate Yourself Through Your Commitment to Others,” Jermaine will unveil the transformative potential of harnessing your personal and professional “why” to inspire and engage those around you. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the field, he will provide invaluable insights and actionable strategies for building a culture of motivation and collaboration within any organization.

Jermaine Williamson is also available for Keynotes, Team Trainings, and Workshops on the Following Topics:


Jermaine Williamson provides coaching and consulting services for companies who are looking for an experienced and strategic partner to guide them in refining their Talent Acquisition, HR, and Recruiting Operations. Areas of focus include:

Are you ready to refine your Talent Acquisition, HR, and Recruiting Operations?

Talent War!

The Unintended Consequences of a Broken Hiring Process

This book will serve as an effective guide for companies in different industries, where it concerns the many challenges they experience in the hiring process. Williamson will teach his readers how to avoid common pitfalls when hiring new people and how to improve a broken hiring process.

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